Clothesline / SHOP ︎ is a performative intervention that criticises capital-centric conceptions of good art.

All items have been created and abandoned as part of my 2021 Honours project on playful methodologies.
These works are useless to me as they have ceased activity and their unsightly, functionless bodies bring me both boredom and disgust (oh, l'ennui!).
What good is an artwork if it is no longer becoming, endlessly, endlessly?
What good are we?
(A tragedy!)


I will be donating as much as I can from any sales made.
This part is not a joke – where possible we must use avenues of capital to fund mutual aid.
I would also encourage you to donate directly to Seed at this link

**These works are temporary assemblages and durability is not guaranteed**

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First round orders close mid-late December.


Acrylic paint, faux-fur border, pipe-cleaner, fake moustache, felt. Note: red pipe-cleaner is fragile & may need re-glueing.

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zzzCAPITAL (we r just animal)

Texta drawings on yellow paper, colllage, pipe-cleaners (if you'd like).
Edition of 5.

$3 ︎Add to Cart

Stargazing with nipple tassels

Acrylic paint, air-dry clay (plasticine), plastic gems, fake flowers (synthetic), tinsel, pom-poms, at least one clothes peg (green).

$20 ︎Add to Cart

Hard rubbish #7 (litter collection is a good job)

Neon-pink acrylic paint, found object (wood and metal), pipe-cleaners (optional).
Probably some dirt.

$30 ︎Add to Cart

What was once the Nickelodeon logo (naked, hairy, has-been)

Acrylic paint, pipe-cleaners, pom-poms, plastic tinsel.
Note: this canvas has a small hole (see pictures) & comes with the attached pipe-cleaners. 

$18 ︎Add to Cart


Papier-mâché (scrap paper, gluten-free flour, water), fabric, acrylic paint, wooden frame, pipe-cleaner (optional).
Be my guest and hang this in your home.

Scrambled egges (for dinner) 

Acrylic paint, pipe-cleaners, pom-poms, glitter glue, plastic beads (numbers).
Note: this canvas is a bit... dirty...not the freshest of eggests (see images)


THE SMARTY, life of the party

Acrylic paint, pipe-cleaners, pom-poms, felt, fake moustache.

Will you return one day? (over the hill and far away)

Acrylic paint, pipe-cleaners, felt, fake/plastic monstera leaf. 

Note: mending this work is A-OK!

Moominland Midwinter (Blue)

Acrylic on canvas, pom-poms, hair-ties, air-dry clay (plasticine), corrugated cardboard, faux-fur border.

Note: pom-poms like to run away & may need re-glueing.

"Could Zeth Cameron please come to the principal's office"

Acrylic and toilet paper on canvas, plastic clapping-hand toy, thumb-tack. Pegs if you'd like.

I'm honestly not sure why the TP at the top is coloured like that. I promise it wasn't pre-used. 

mischievous clown riding disembodied genitals

Acrylic canvas, expanding foam.

flower + bunny

Acrylic on canvas, pipe-cleaners, clothes peg, T-shirt, sole of a shoe (Blundstone).

Note: Has a slight musty/damp smell.


Acrylic on canvas, felt, rubber bands (degraded), fake moustache.

$35 ︎Add to Cart

I touched the trees

Air-dry clay (plasticine), acrylic paint, faux-fur border, pipecleaners. Orange yarn if you'd like?

Portrait of the artist as a Career BoyTM

Acrylic on canvas, paint markers (POSCA).

$15 ︎Add to Cart


Texta drawings on yellow paper, blue acyrlic yarn binding, plastic beads.
Edition of 5.


Acrylic on board, vinyl lettering, air-dry clay (plasticine), cardboard (how'd that get there??), 1-2 clothes pegs if you'd like.


A4 zine: permanent marker drawings on not-very-high GSM paper (off-white), woolen binding with loom-band elastics, pipe-cleaners (optional).

Edition of 1 because I don't like it.

Snaggletoothed gears of time

Acrylic on canvas, pipe-cleaners, fine plastic tinsel. 


Are you sure???

20 works including: 3x zines, 16x everything else. Note: This option will be kept up to date with store stock. 

$488.75 (my rent)
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